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Hy girls!

So today I wanted to share with you,what products I use in my daily skin care routne. I think it is pretty simple,but some people don´t agree with me. First I would like to tell you what skin tipe I have. My skin whas always very dry,but in this summer my T-zone got very oily and I tought that it is just for the summer but it is apparently not. The rest of my face is normal but I do get sometimes dry patches between my eyebrows,around my nose and mouth.

As I get home,the first thing I do,it is that I take off  my makeup with makeup removal wipes. Courently I use  Beauty Iseree- Sensitive Facial Wipes. I use this ones right now,because my mom just bought some rendom wipes in Lidl,but honesly they work just as great as the ones in the drogestores.Then I use my Afrodita cleansing milk,to remove any exes eye makeup.

Then I use my CV foam to remove extra makeup and dirt from my face. It makes my skin soft and clean and I only need a little bit for my whole face.It is 35+,but it works for me,because it moisturizes my skin very well. I had it now for a long time and I´m loving it. With that, I use my Body&Soul brush every second day. This brush really helps me too deep clean my skin and exfoliates.

Once or twice a week I use the Oriflame Love Nature Clay Mask,for oily skin. I actually didn´t order the  right mask and got the one for oily skin,but this mask works for me any ways. It makes my skin extra soft.

When my face is clean and dry I then use my Afrodita tonic,that is ultra  moisturising as it says. When I used other tonics and didn´t use moisurizer I would get very dry skin,but with the afodita one I don´t even have to use a moisturizer because the tonic does that. And it smells amazing!!

After tonic I sometimes moisturize my whole face,but sometimes I moisturize  every part except the T-zone.For moisturizer I use the Garnier body repair cream. I then use the Orilame Love Nature eye cream. It doesn´t have any odor at all,it is small so it is good for traveling and I love it. My onder eye area was very dry and had a strange texture,but this cream really helped and soften  my under eye area.

So that is my simple skin care routine,that I do every day. If I have a really broke out skin I just wash my face and use the eye cream and let my skin free of any products so that it can breath and heal for its one. 
I am looking my some kinde of cream or something for breakouts,so if you have any recomedations please leave them in the comments below. You can also write what is youre skin care routine and what products you use that help youre skin looking nice and healthy.

xoxo Tjaša

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