September Favourites


Hello beauties!!
I can´t believe how time flies,but I moved to Maribor so I bought a lot of beauty products that I use every day in this month and I would like to share them with you.:))


                                                         Syoss Dry Shampoo-Volume Lift
I get greasy hair very quickly and I don´t want to wash my hair more then 2 a week (I hope one day I can clean it just once a week),but I also hate the look and the feeling of greasy hair so I got the Syoss dry shampoo-volume lift I was very happy. It gives me volume that I need because I have very flat hair and it takes away the look of greasy hair.

Syoss Heat Protect Stylling spray
I curl and straighten my hair sometimes and I have thin hair and it get´s damaged very quickly so I have to protect it. I use the Syoss Heat Protect Staylling spray. I just spray it on,wait for a few seconds to a minute and then I curl or straighten my hair.

Syoss Oleo Intense In-Depth care Oil- Conditioner 

This conditioner is very good for my hair,it makes my hair soft and more moisturized. But you have to rinse it off very good,because if you don´t you´re hair will look and feel like a straw.

Garnier Ultra Doux
I just can´t live without this hair mask. I smells very good and you´re hair looks very healthy after using it. I had the one with honey in it,but when I went to buy it,it wasn´t in the store,so I bought the one with avocado and they are pretty much the same.


            Afrodita cleansing milk and tonic
I have fallen in love with Afrodita cosmetics. I got the cleansing milk and tonic. The smell is just amazing (The girls who have there products,know what I´am talking about:P ).It makes the skin soft and removes any makeup that´s left on youre face. These two products are real good products and a little goes a long way with them.

CV Vital Creamy Cleansing Foam
I use this foam after the Afrodita cleansig milk and this is a nother product when a little goes a long way. I just use a little bit of foam with some water and it cleans all the makeup off and my skin is very soft after using this foam.

Body&soul brush
I wanted to buy the  Olaz Regenerist Face Brush,but  I wasn´t to sure if it good,so I bought the Body and Soul brush to exfoliate just until I buy the Olaz Face Brush. This brush does a pretty good job with cleaning and exfoliateing the face. I wouldn´t recommend it to the ones that got sensitive skin,because it´s not the softest brush,but I dont´t mind.

Garnier body repair  cream
After I clean my skin and use the tonic I have to moisturise my skin.  The Garnier body repair cream is for extra dry skin and it absorbes quickly and moisturises my skin, without making it greasy. It is for the face,hands and body.


Afrodita coconut body milk
With cooler weather comes dryer skin so after using the Afrodita coconut body milk witch became my favourite body milk ever,my skin isn´t that dry. It smells just heavenly and it makes my skin moisturised and soft for days after applying it and showering.

Chilly delicate intimate soap
Before I used the Nivea intimate soap but after trying this one I´am not buying a nother one any more. You need just a little amount and it leasts you a long time.

FA Mystic and Glamorous Moments Deodorant
I realy like the smell of these two deodorants and like it seas it realy smells for a long time. It smells a lot for a few deodorant. The Mystic one is a lot more powerfull  smell then the Glamorouse one.


Essence concealer 10 Natural beige
This concealer is very good,it´s long lasting and its not too white. Some under eye concealers tent to be to light but this one oxsidizes and it brightens but its not too bright and it´s perfect for me,

S-he quick eye liner
I allredy talked about this eye liner and I´am very happy with it.  It doesn´t say it´s waterproof but it stays on all day and it is thin enough to make a line. 

Essence  04 On the Catwalk lipstick
This lipstick bought my boyfriend and I can´t thank him enough for it. It is the perfect dark red color and it´s for day and night time. It is the perfect color for me,because I have natural dark lips and this lipstick just makes them more pretty. Also I love it for fall.

Body&soul mask,mirror
I have really bad headaches and the light really bothers me,so I got this black mask and it helps a lot. I can´t see anything and my headaches go away much quicker. It saved my life.
Also in this month I got a small mirror that has the mirror in both sides and it stands and I can also hang it somewhere.

So this are my September favourites. These products are amazing and not expensive and I use them every day. What are youre favorite products that you bought this month??

xoxo Tjaša

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3 komentarji

  1. Všeč mi je tvoj izbor.
    Meni je tudi Afrodita tonik fajn. Chilly intimno milo in dvostransko ogledalo pa sta itak stalnica! :)
    Olaz ščetko boš kupila? Jaz se še kar nisem odločila, čeprav sem prebrala dobre ocene in mam kar težave z nečisto kožo. :)
    Moram poskusiti tole linijo od Afrodite - kokos (<3) in Garnier masko za lase enkrat v prihodnosti, ko porabim svoje ogromne zaloge tuš gelov, šamponov, balzamov in masel za telo. :D
    Pa všeč mi je tale šminka. Maš super fanta, meni včasih fant tudi kupi kakšno šminko, lakec in že zaradi tega raje tisto stvar uporabljam. :P

    1. Hvala:)
      Ja meni je Afrodita super,niti en izdelek me ni razočaral. Za Olaz ščetko si jo že dolgo fullll želim,ampak me je strah,da mi ne bo odgovarjala,saj smo si tko vsi različni in kak študentka lahk teh 30evrov na bolj koristen način uporabim:/ (bol šparaš,bol zmankuje denar). Garnier maska pa je meni rešila lase(sem si na začetko likala in kodrala lase vsak dan skoro,pa nisem mela tk uničene,kot zdaj,ko si jih mogoče 1x na teden) in so lasje kot prenovljeni:D Vredno poskusit(pa še dolgo časa jo maš)
      Šminka je pa za Essencovo znamko super,ker pa jo je še on kupo pa še tolk bolj ja:)

  2. Hello Tjaša, syoss is very good hair care brand. I have used a lot of their products with great satisfaction. The new blockbuster at the moment is this brand OLAPLEX. Do you have some observations about it in your country? Thank you your answer, Good day, Petra


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