Makeup Revolution Flawless Autumn Night Makeup-Collaboration with Petra from Adjusting Beauty


Hello beauties!

Today I have a surprise for you!! I have collaborated with the beautifull Petra from Adjusting Beauty that you know for shure. We have decided to do a day/night makeup look, with the Makeup Revolution Flawless palettee that we both love. I did the night look and if you are interested in a day look go check Petra´s blog. 

This is not a profesional look, it is an izzy autumn look that you can do by your self at home. You can change it up if you need as well. (The camera just wasn´t working with me today, so I apologize for the bad quality of some of the photos)

The first thing I do every single time, that I do my makeup, is to put a nice  matt
brown color in my crease so all of the shadows I use blend together nice and give the eye s more dimension. A very inportant step is to blend,blend and blend till you´re eyes  and hands hurt in any makeup look you do. You can do it more light or more dark. I used more of a light, warm shade because I used a dark red/purple shadow as my main color.

Next I put the main color all over the lid. I did this with a flat brush and then I blended this color (with no extra color on) with the fluffy brush I used in the first step. The main color is a dark red with a little bit of  purple and shimmer. Because I have hooded eyes, this color is perfect for me, because is not a boring matt and not too shimmery. I put it quite high so that the hood doesn´t cover all of the shadow.

Because this is a night time look, I darkened the outer corner of the lid with a flat brush as well. I chose a grey/brown color, because it is softer for small eyes, unlike the black. This color also has a little bit of shimmer in it, but not too much. 

I didn´t want to use eyeliner for this look, because it takes me a long time to make a good line because of my hooded eyes. Instead I took a black shadow and with a liner brush I smudged it on the lash line so it would darken the look.

In the lower lash line I smuged the original dark red color. Next I mixed the grey and black color and used it in the outer corner to give it more dimension and to darken it up. Then I blended eveything togheter with the brown that I used in the crease. For the last part with the shadows I highlighted the inner corner of the eye.

For the last two parts for the eyes I used a black pencil on the water line and used mascara ( I think that false lashes would look great with this look too). I completed the look with some foundation and concealer, I took care of the brows, used a little counture powder, blush and darker brown lipstick.

                                And this is the final look:)

I loved collaborating with Petra and do a makeup look with the Flawless palette. I hope you enjoy both looks and this post. Go check Petra´s blog as well.

Petra´s blog: Adjusting beauty 

Chat with you next time

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2 komentarji

  1. Ti si pa že kar "zlorabila" to paleto vidim :D. Res ima super odteneke. Rdeč odtenek, ki si ga uporabila je en izmed mojih najljubših. Super look in te fotke z chunky sweater izgledajo prav jesensko ;). Sem vesela, da sva sodelovali ;) <3

    1. Haha ja, kar fajn je že ponucana na žalost. Rabim novo. Hvala, tudi sama sem vesela, da sva sodelovali in mislim, da je kar uspelo:)<3


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