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One day I got an e-mail from Tatjana (Taya- My Little Beauty World), that said that she and Petra (Adjusting Beauty) decided to organize an event for the bloggers that are from Pomurje, which is a region in Slovenia that is far away from Ljubljana, which is our capital and most of the events are there, so most of us don´t have the chance to get there. I was very happy when I recived the e-mail, because so far I only knew Petra in person and was looking forward to meeting the  other girls.

The other bloggers that could make the event where: 
- Larisa ( 21st century girl)
- Neža ( Rose Touch)

Sindi, Sabina, Petra, Tatjana, Neža, Milena (Oriflame), me and Larisa

The event was oraganized in Beltinci in the restaurant ˝V grajskem stoplu˝ where we had a little room just for us, that was decorated beautyfull. 

First we met the director and her assistant from Oriflame and we had a workshop, where we learned about the right skin care, makeup and our skin type and what products would work for us and how to use them. I personally thought I knew how to use products the right way and what skin type I have and what I need, but I was wrong. We all took our makeup off and they taught us how to take properly off the foundation, mascara... Then they tested our skin type with a device that looks like a bigger pen to me and that showed us how much moisture does different parts of our face have and if we have oily, dry or normal skin type. I always thought that I have dry skin, but I actually have normal skin. After the test they showed us what products would work for us and how to use them. They had some products there so we could try them. First we all used the toner and up next was the creams. I learned what day and night cream would work for me since I have a lot of freckles and that I have to put it first on the center of the face and blend it out and on the neck/chest area up. Next we put on makeup, which is my favorite part. I always have problems with color of foundation so they helped me with that, we contoured a little and the eye makeup we had stayed on so we were then ready to take some photos. My are not so good so if you are interested go check them out on instagram, facebook and personal blogs of all of us. 

At the event also came Herbio company, that has natural cosmetics which are also very affordable, I personally have to try the products to tell you how they work, because I learned about the company at the event, but Petra wrote about two of there products so go check that out.

After the presentation we just talked, knew each other better and having a lot of fun. We also got some gits from, Egyptian Magic and Dvorec Trebnik that I want to thank. Also the restaurant, Tatjana,Petra and all of the other fellow bloggers. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and the ˝in side˝ pictures and I will chat with you soon.

XoXo Tjaša

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7 komentarji

  1. Mislim, da nas je več imelo napačno mnenje o tipu svoje kože :). Je blo pa fajn, da smo se še kaj naučile in da sva obe razširili poznanstva v Pomurju :).

    Jaz sem pa ves čas mislila, da ne bo nič fotk kjer bom jaz gor, ker se sama nisem fotkala, pa ste zdaj vse izbrskale ven kar nekaj fotk z mano, hehe :D

    1. Hah ja sem se potrudila, da sem. te dobila na fotkah:D Moramo se dobit na kavi kmalu:)

  2. Oohh tebi pa so res fajn uspele slike :)) In tudi jaz sem se očitno motila kakšen tip kože imam :D Tak da moram malo bolj popaziti pri produktih :))

    1. Hvala:). Jaz moram malo spremenit nego koze se mi zdi ker to tud npr. nisem vedla,da je najbolje, da so produkti iste kolekcije kot npr. normaderm,opptimalas itd. ker se tako najbolj dopoljnjujejo. Jaz mam kar mesano :$

  3. Jaz se strinjam glede kave, super smo se imele!! :)

    1. Se malo pa bo fertik izpitno obdobje pa lepse vreme upam, da tud... I need sun! Pa idemo nekan, makar k Spaceke skocemo (Malo po prekurske hahaha)

  4. Super objava, Tjaša. :) Hvala, da si prišla, lepo te je bilo spoznati. Sedaj pa res rabimo eno kavico in malo daljši klepet. :)


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